Welcome to the Rockefeller Greenhouse Solar Demonstration

On Thursday, July 28, 2011, Cleveland Mayor Frank G. Jackson and Cleveland Public Power officials were joined by representatives from American Municipal Power (AMP) and GreenField Solar to cut the ribbon on the StarGen™ Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Concentrator Demonstration Project at Cleveland's Rockefeller Greenhouse.

The StarGen™ solar concentrator is a green technology, which provides an efficient source of energy while decreasing the use of non-renewable fossil fuels. The system is an alternative energy approach, which utilizes one of our greatest natural resources, the sun, to produce both electricity and thermal energy for residential, commercial and industrial use.

A Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) System is a solar powered electric generator that tracks the sun to focus the light onto high performance solar cells. The StarGen™ solar concentrator is a CPV system designed and produced by GreenField Solar, an Ohio based company. An innovate collaboration between AMP and CPP enabled the installation of 20 StarGen™ solar concentrators at the Rockefeller Park greenhouse. The StarGen™ solar concentrator can concentrate sunlight up to 900 times its original intensity on just a few square inches of solar cells. Each system is designed to produce electrical energy as well as thermal energy in the form of hot water, which is being used to heat the greenhouses.

Each of the installed solar concentrators has two halves, composed of multiple parabolic mirrors that focus sunlight onto the solar cells. These unique solar cells (PhotoVolt™ cells) were invented in Cleveland, by a former NASA Glenn Research Center scientist. The system maximizes energy production throughout the day, due to its clever array of mirrors and its sophisticated dual axis sun-tracking system.

Tracking Time Lapse Video

The StarGen™ solar concentrators sweep from East to West, tracking the sun through the sky with great precision. By pointing directly at the sun, the StarGen solar concentrator captures the maximum amount of solar energy. The high performance PhotoVolt™ CPV cells, active cooling, and a dense array design all work together to generate both electricity and thermal energy.

  • Innovative StarGen™ solar concentrator design
  • Dual axis tracking
  • Dense array design
  • High performance PhotoVolt™ solar cells
  • Generates electrical and thermal energy

Assembly Time Lapse Video

  • Rapid installation — installed by 2 men in less than 3 hours
  • No component more than 45 kg
  • No special equipment needed during installation
  • Can be installed in remote locations
  • Ground accessible: quick field servicing and maintenance

This installation of StarGen™ solar concentrators is the result of an innovative collaboration between Cleveland Public Power, American Municipal Power, GreenField Solar and the City of Cleveland Rockefeller Greenhouse.

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